Clarkston Police donate unclaimed bicycles


Every year the Clarkston Police Department accumulates close to a hundred bikes. They sit in storage and collect dust, but they’ve come up with a way to not only get rid of all those bikes, but to make a difference as well.

"We get them from found bicycles, people that call in and say hey this bike's abandoned down here, we pick them up all over town, all year long,” said Officer John Morbeck, CPD.

And for Clarkston Police, this year has been no exception.

"There's close to 100 this time,” said Officer Morbeck.

They sit in a storage unit and collect dust..

"We would keep accumulating them to the point where we would I don't what we would do with them, they'd probably end up in the land fill maybe,” said Officer Morbeck.

But that seems like a waste of Officer John Morbeck, so what better way to get rid of their storage problem than to help out some kids in the process.

"We get a hold of the Boys and Girls Club every year and we donate all the bikes back to them,” said Officer Morbeck.

Matt Knoll, Clarkston Boys and Girls club said, "And what we do is we do a bike giveaway for the kids, and it's pretty sweet."

And this turned out to be the gift that keeps on giving.

"It's cool cause it's like Christmas in Summer time, so,” said Knoll.

And for Officer Morbeck, he loves the idea that these bikes are given new life, and to those that will love and appreciate them.

"It's great because we know they're gonna be used and go to kids who maybe need a bike who maybe can't afford one, or maybe never had one and now we give them that ability to do that,” said Officer Morbeck.

"The way my face is lighting up; I can tell the kids are gonna love them,” said Knoll.

Officer Morbeck is happy they get to provide bikes to kids who need them, but also said they would love to reunite them with their rightful owners. So if you lose a bike call Clarkston Police and see if they found it before you assume it’s lost forever.

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