Clarkston Police investigate possible child abduction attempt


An investigation tonight out of Clarkston Police of what sounds like a child abduction attempt. It happened around this time Monday around 6:00PM in the area of 4th and Poplar. Investigators say a 12-year-old girl walking home, noticed a black pickup truck serve near her. She told police the passenger got out, and she heard the driver yell “get her.”

Clarkston police released these pictures of the suspects truck. It’s a black pickup with decals on the rear window. The girl’s mother photographed the suspects truck as soon as her daughter told her about what just happened. After the child heard the driver yell “get her” …police say the passenger quickly started towards her. But the 12-year-old escaped in time, and when she got home, the man stopped following her.

The passenger is described as having a thin build about five-eight to five-nine. He has long grayish hair down to the middle of his back. He was wearing a blue grey bandana around his forehead, had on a grey shirt with graphics on it and ripped blue jeans.

The pickup truck was described as a black two-door with some blue rust spots. There’s no description of the driver but if you have any information, call Clarkston police at 509-758-1680.

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