Clarkston Police receive high number of car prowler complaints

CLARKSTON, WA - Summertime calls for good weather, outdoor fun, and unfortunately a rise in crime.

The summertime temperatures have come up and so has a specific area of crime with an unusually high number of thefts, taking place on the residential streets of Clarkston.

"It's been all over the city," said officer John Morbeck. "It's been from Riverview clear up to Highland down to the Bridge Street area."

In the past two weekends, CPD has received more than 30 reports of car prowlers breaking in and stealing the contents out of vehicles. However, the thieves aren't smashing any windows or making noise; they're targeting cars that are unlocked and vulnerable.

"A lot of people are worried too that if they lock the car they'll break the window out to get in and that hasn't been the case," said Morbeck.

Morbeck said they don't have any leads yet as the thefts are all over the city and the prowlers don't make any noise.

"If they do break in a lot of times somebody will hear that, if they break a window out or they make enough noise," said Morbeck.

To avoid falling victim, Morbeck suggests it's as easy as clearing out your car, keeping seats visible and keeping the doors locked.

"If you don't leave anything valuable in there, there's going to be no reason for them to go in there," said Morbeck.

Clarkston Police Department estimates the losses to be more than several hundred dollars.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Clarkston Police at 758-1680.