Clarkston resident not happy with delay of marijuana sales in Clarkston

CLARKSTON, WA - Still, the council members seem to have made up their minds to further delay pot sales in Clarkston.

Reporter Carol Zinke finds out why one council member voted for the delay, and talks to someone who isn't happy about the no vote.

Kelly Jackson is remodeling the old hospital building in Clarkston which he plans to use as a marijuana retail facility.

"They voted against their own planning commission," said Kelly Jackson. "They voted against their own cities vote on the initiative. They voted against tourism and all of its revenue for all of our businesses downtown."

Councilor Terry Beadles said he's been researching the problems Colorado is facing with marijuana. He said one county is dealing with marijuana infiltrating into grade schools. He's afraid that'll happen in Clarkston.

"It's becoming a very rapid problem in Colorado," said Beadles. "I think we should wait a year before we do anything to see what kind of problems people encounter in Colorado instead of jumping in and sharing the problems."

Jackson said councilors may have voted against the ordinance, but he said he believes they're voting for more problems.

"They voted for the drug cartels, who also smuggle children and kill people," said Jackson. "They voted for the city of Pullman to prosper, instead of the city of Clarkston. They voted for Clarkston money to be wasted on a lawsuit that they cannot win."

Beadles said he believes the problems marijuana will cause will outspend the revenue.

Right now there's still a moratorium in place and councilors have to figure out whether to allow.

"If the land use isn't addressed before a ban is put in effect or the moratorium is up, then someone who puts in a request for a business license we would have to consider them as a regular retail business," said Jim Martin.

"The future is up to them, they need to do the right thing," said Jackson.

The mayor and city council members are in the process of figuring out what to do next. We'll let you know when they've made a decision.