Clarkston runner finished race prior to bombs exploding at Boston Marathon

CLARKSTON, WA - We continue our coverage of the deadly explosion at the Boston Marathon where runners from the region took part in the annual event and were caught up in the tragic events of the day.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio talks to a runner from Clarkston who was there during the explosions.

The finish line at the Boston Marathon transformed from a place of celebration to one of deep sorrow with the detonation of two bombs that exploded earlier Monday. The finish line will forever be a place of tragedy for local runner Jennifer Nicholas and her fellow runners.

"So excited and then finishing your just so excited, and then the bombs go off and you find out what happened and it's just like heartbreaking," said Nicholas.

Video from the scene shows people fleeing for their lives from an enormous cloud of white smoke.

"Just one after the other so we heard both of them go off," said Nicholas.

Asotin County resident Jennifer Nicholas was running in the marathon for the very first time, and finished the race prior to the bombs exploding.

"They were wanting all the runners and spectators to get away because they thought there were more un-secure devices," said Nicholas.

Celebration quickly turned to panic for Jennifer and the thousands of other participants following the explosion.

"Probably five minutes where I couldn't find my mom or my sister, and that is a scary feeling, I felt all alone," said Nicholas.

After reuniting with her family they quickly went to their hotel, where they experienced heightened security.

"They asked for ID and wanted to assure we were guests at the hotel," said Nicholas.

The magnitude of an attack this size has not been seen since 9-11.

"I just do not understand why they would target the Boston Marathon," said Nicholas.

KLEW reached out to other local runners and have received word that both Marsha Ramey and her son Bill Ramey of Lewiston are okay. They were in the middle of running the race when the bombs exploded.