Clarkston runner reflects on what the 2013 Boston Marathon means to her

CLARKSTON, WA - One year ago Tuesday, two bombs were set off at the Boston Marathon.

Just hours after the terrorist act, KLEW News spoke to Jennifer Nicholas on the phone. She's an Asotin County woman who had run in the marathon. Reporter Sophia Miraglio talked to Jennifer about what she remembers about that tragic day, and about what the one-year anniversary means to her.

For Jennifer Nicholas it was a dream come true to finally get a chance to run in the 2013 Boston Marathon.

"It's always been a goal of course to run Boston that's every runner goal," said Nicholas. "With such a strong rich tradition, so when I qualified for it I was super excited took my mom and my sister and headed to Boston.

Nicholas ran the 26.2 mile race in 340 setting a new personal record.

Honestly from the beginning to the end it was just packed with people having fun. That's what they do in Boston they go cheer the marathon on.

25 minutes after crossing the finish line two bombs went off.

"And at first we all thought like a celebration cannon," said Nicholas. "Then very quickly it was obvious after the second bomb went off that it was definitely bad."

One of her most vivid memories of the day happened shortly after.

"Talking to my husband, and then the cell phone service cut out," said Nicholas. "And then we weren't able to talk again and I just think about him and the kids here and what they were thinking was happening to me."

The bombing killed three people and injured hundreds. However that's not stopping people from participating in this years race, as a record amount will line up on the starting line this Monday.

"I think it sends a message that we're not scared of you and your cowardly ways," said Nicholas.

Nicholas said it's her goal to complete another Boston Marathon in the future. Jennifer Nicholas will try to qualify for next years marathon this coming July.