Clarkston School Dist. Superintendent explains proposed bond and school levy

CLARKSTON, WA - Local Asotin County residents for and against a proposed bond voiced their opinions at a town hall meeting Wednesday night.

The Clarkston School District is proposing a $38 million bond, that increases current property taxes by roughly 60%. The majority of the money from the bond, if passed, rebuilds and updates the currently aging high school.

Many Clarkston High School students spoke in support of the bond and gave examples of the deteriorating building. But some tax payers just can't get past the steep figures.

"I cannot afford $1,500 increase in my property taxes and I for one won't pay for it," said Clarkston resident Dennis Plunkett.

"If we have this facility, this facility would be the center of this community," said Clarkston School District Superintendent, Darcy Weisner. "It would be a source of pride for all of the people in this town. And I for one know our students would have a greater sense of pride."

Voters have a chance to vote yes or no on the proposed bond and a maintenance and operations levy on February 11th.