Clarkston School District looks on the bright side despite losing waiver

CLARKSTON, WA - Washington State is the first state in the country to lose their education accountability waiver from the Federal 'No Child Left Behind' law.

They're losing control over roughly $40-million. Education officials said they got an email last week stating Washington did not meet the U.S. Department of Education's requirement to include statewide student test results in teacher evaluations. Lawmakers made that an optional component of teacher evaluations rather than mandatory.

Since schools did not include the test results, the federal government decided they didn't meet their commitment. Tuesday we talked to Executive Director for Teaching and Learning for the Clarkston School District, Jim Fry. He said even though it's unfortunate they'll be losing some federal funding, it won't affect their students' learning.

"We fully expect that we will be able to manage this with the programs and personnel we have, and continue to provide exceptional services for our kids," said Fry.

Now the Clarkston School District will have to set aside 20% of their funds for tutoring, and another portion for professional development for staff. Fry said they haven't received final guidance from the state on how to go about the new changes, but he said they're looking on the bright side.