Clarkston School District views fireworks clean-up as a service to the community

CLARKSTON, WA - On Monday we told you about the Clarkston School District's task of cleaning up the mess left behind from the Fourth of July.

And Tuesday night we talked to Superintendent Tim Winter about the ongoing problem and what that means for next year.

Maintenance workers with the school district spent Monday cleaning up firework debris that littered two schools in the Clarkston Heights. However Superintendent Winter said the tradition of lighting off fireworks will go on, as the district looks at it as a service to the community.

(((Winter says, "Part of the school districts responsibility is to serve the community and it gives people and opportunity and a place to light off fireworks in a safe environment. The fire department is there and were thankful for that. And I think our district staff does a great job of preparing, so right now our plan is to continue allowing people to do that.)))

Winter acknowledges the small financial burden that goes into paying for people to clean up, and says next year they're hoping to provide more trash cans for people to use.