Clarkston students and teachers alike are excited for first day back-to-school

CLARKSTON, WA - School is officially back in session for Clarkston students.

Reporter Carol Zinke went to several Clarkston schools today (Tuesday) and has this report.

Students are cracking open the books and getting ready for a new school year.

Clarkston High School freshman showed their school spirit at the first day assembly this afternoon.

"We have a great group of staff and we're really excited about our incoming freshmen class," said CHS Principal, Eric Anderson. "There's 210 students coming in and they're full of energy, really excited and it's going to be a great year."

Thousands of students are gearing up for classes, and they'll see a familiar face, just in a new position with the school district.

John Morbeck is no longer the D.A.R.E officer. He said D.A.R.E is temporarily on hold until the police department can fill his previous position. Morbeck is now the resource officer for all the entire district.

"I think it's going to be fun because I already know all the kids, because of D.A.RE. And all the other programs I've done in the schools over the years," said Morbeck. "This is a really good chance for me to interact with them again and see them a few years down the road when they're older. I hope we have a really good year, a lot of fun and hopefully the kids behave themselves."

While elementary, middle and high school classes began today (Tuesday) kindergarten classes doesn't start until Thursday.

If you haven't signed your child up for kindergarten you can still do so. As long as your child is five-years-old by Aug 31st, they can register at your neighborhood school.

Lincoln Middle School is hosting its Open House from 6:00 to 7:00 Wednesday night in the gymnasium.

And if you haven't bought your child's school supplies yet because you're not sure what to get, there's a list of what students should bring on each school website.