Clarkston youth found with weapons may face six felony charges

CLARKSTON, WA - What initially came out as a report of a young man arrested after bringing a gun and knife to a Clarkston school turned out to be much more.

The 16-year-old boy was found with weapons at Clarkston's Educational Opportunity Center on Tuesday. He was searched because of an incident that occurred the night before, on Monday.

According to Asotin county court documents the boy allegedly went to an ex-girlfriend's house and strangled her multiple times while threatening to kill her. The altercation led police to confront him at school on Tuesday, where he was found with an unloaded handgun and switch blade.

"Clearly this court finds that the state has made a high showing, that there's a huge community safety risk involved here and I order the detention of, for community safety," said Hell's Canyon Superior Court Judge William Acey.

The two incidents are completely separate and as a result the boy may face six felony charges. He's currently detained and will be back in court on Monday for an arraignment.