Claw mark evidence on sheep killed in Lewiston Orchards

sheep pic.jpg

An Orchards man said some sort of animal has been preying on his herd of sheep. In the past month-and-a-half he’s lost five.

Gary Schmidt took us to his property in the 12 hundred block of Warner Avenue. He wanted to show us where it happened.

Little is left of the dead sheep except for some wool and bones. He said the first time it happened was about six weeks ago when two were killed. The most recent attack was last week. Both times he called Idaho Fish and Game to investigate.

Gary Schmidt said, “Fish and Game came over and they skinned the head out and they definitely seen claw marks on the neck on both of them and that's how they died. I know it wasn't coyotes because coyotes holler before they attack and there wasn't any hollering going on."

Officially, Idaho Fish and Game said there’s not enough evidence to conclude if the animal was a cougar or a mountain lion. So far there are no other reports of livestock being killed or sightings in town.

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