Clearwater Paper acquires local chipping company

LEWISTON, ID - Clearwater Paper has acquired a local chipping company that they've subcontracted with for years.

For years the Granger Company been worked with Clearwater Paper to chip wood for the mill operations. So it made sense to the paper-manufacturer when the time came for the pulp mill to purchase the business located at the Port of Wilma.

"The facility has historically had a long term relationship with Clearwater Paper and has chipped our logs for us for approximately 20 years," said Van Vleet. "So it makes great sense to couple the facility with our other facilities."

Located on the north side of the Snake River west of Clarkston, The Granger Company specializes in wood chipping operations.

"It strengthens Clearwater Paper's Lewiston manufacturing operations in the Valley significantly," said Van Vleet.

The purchase price has not been disclosed to the public and it's unclear whether the current employees are keeping their jobs. However Van Vleet says the company has traditionally employed about 20 people, and Clearwater Paper expects to employ about the same amount. He said that the current employees are going through the HR process with the corporation Wednesday, to complete the application process.

"We think this is a win-win for Granger's and for Clearwater Paper and most definitely for the Valley," said Van Vleet. "The acquisition of the facility really helps us strengthen our long term liability in Lewiston and Clarkston."

Van Vleet says the acquisition helps Clearwater Paper know exactly where their fiber is coming from and how they chip it.

The Granger Company had no comment when KLEW News called.