Code enforcement officer receives complaints of trees hanging over the street

LEWISTON, ID - A reminder from the Lewiston Police Department that you may need to trim some of your trees as we head into the school year.

LPD Code Enforcement Officer, Alan Johnson said the biggest problem he's running into right now is the growth of trees and vegetation blocking vision and movement of drivers. There's a city ordinance that says trees hanging over the street need to be at least 14 feet or higher.

'The goal is to get them to comply and make the intersections safe and roads safe," said Johnson. "Right now with school starting up and school buses, that's who calls quite a bit because the buses sit up pretty high off the roadway and they hit limbs."

Johnson said he always prefers to educate the public about these problems but if it isn't fixed, they may issue a $100 citation.

The City of Lewiston also has restrictions on boat and trailer parking on the roadway.