Cold front caused gusty weather in region

LEWISTON, ID - High winds that blew through the area in excess of 50 miles an hour at the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport were just a small taste of what other areas got.

University of Idaho Climatologist and Associate Professor of Geography, Doctor John Abatzoglou, said the high winds are a precursor for a new weather system associated with a cold front that's moving into the area. He said the winds whipped with force around the region because of that new weather system.

"We had a very strong front that moved through Wednesday and when that front moved through, we had some of the winds of the upper level of the atmosphere mix down to the surface that brought some wind speeds upwards of 50, some cases we actually saw a gust of 90 miles an hour in Genesee today," said Abatzoglou.

Abatzoglou said we're due for some of the coldest temperatures of the year despite the fact it's coming relatively late in the season.