Cold weather helped fill YWCA for "SOUPport our Shelters" fundraiser

LEWISTON, ID - The local YWCA is always looking for ways to help those in need, and Friday was no exception.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio was at the annual 'SOUPport' event as hundreds of people stopped by to donate money in exchange for a warm bowl of soup.

"It's really fun and it's one of our biggest fundraisers for the YWCA," said volunteer Leslee Grubb.

"They come in and they get to select a custom made bowl," said YWCA Marketing Coordinator, Leann Hall. "And then they get all you can eat soup and and they also get to help the homeless shelter and the domestic violence shelter. That's what this fundraiser does."

They have different types of soup like broccoli cheese, and that looks so good and they have the clam chowder and taco. They just all look so good it's hard to choose."

"Also just enjoy the competition between all the entities that bring the soup to us, the police officers and firefighters," said Grubb. "It's phenomenal because it's really supporting community based program that is so necessary."

"They come into our front door with their pillow and their child in their hands and they have nothing," said Hall. "They don't have any place to go, they are scared and they need comfort and a roof over their head. So that's what this will be supporting."

"I've been here five or six times because I like supporting the YWCA," said participant Jeanette Vallandigham.

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