College students cast their ballots on the Palouse

MOSCOW, ID - Election day on the Palouse gave University of Idaho and Washington State University students a chance to shape their future.

On the U of I campus, students are paying close attention to Idaho's constitutional amendment that would allow trapping.

"I don't think that's something that we need to amend the constitution for," said U of I student Adrien Fox. "Certainly since I find trapping to be very inhumane."

"I think that trapping is okay, especially with all the wolves that are around now," said U of I student Samantha Comstock.

Voting was made easy for the students because one of the main polling locations in Moscow was right on campus.

On the other side of the state line, WSU students said they're concerned about how the presidential election could affect women's rights. But Referendum 72 and and Initiative 502 were also hot topics.

"Women's rights obviously are huge, as I am a woman," said WSU student Elise Van Vuren. "And the gay rights marriage."

"The gay rights, or gay marriage one," said WSU student Erin Odland. "And also the one about legalizing marijuana."

Clearly, this election is about more than just the presidency, and students at both schools were eager to cast their vote about the issues that matter most to them.