College students deal with pressure of finals week

MOSCOW, ID - Finals are the only thing standing between college students on the Palouse and their Winter Break.

With finals week is in full swing, we visited both campuses to see how students are coping with the stress of exams. The students we talked to seemed pretty burnt out already, but they say they're ready to take on their finals with the help of caffeine, friends, and lots of preparation.

"I don't know, just trying to keep a balanced schedule, making priorities, studying with other people like I'm doing right now," said University of Idaho student Bruno Bennett. "Very helpful."

"Just studying a lot and making sure that you know the material," said Washington State University student Megan Roach. "That way, when you don't go blank, or you don't have to stress about it."

The students also said that they try to eat well and get plenty of sleep. However, caffeine seems to be everyone's not-so-secret weapon, since most students keep a cup of coffee at hand while studying.

Students from both universities will be done with finals by the end of the week. WSU students return from break on January 7th, and U of I students return on the 9th.