Combine Demolition Derby was a smashing hit in Nezperce

NEZPERCE, ID - Every year folks crowd the Lewis County Fairgrounds cheering loudly as combines hit the dirt to demolish one another.

"It's a derby with a twist," said Nezperce Lions Club Demolition Derby Chairman Brian Webster.

The dirt was flying as were large pieces of metal as the combines collided at this year's demolition derby.

"We came out here because we wanted to see these guys smash each other," said demolition derby fan Brayton Taylor. "Well, we thought that it was really cool."

Normally combines are used for harvesting fields, but Sunday they were used for demolition.

"You see them out in the field when they're doing their job, and you get to come here and see them get smashed," said demolition derby fan Jessie Blankenship.

This year's derby came with more than just the promise of bigger and faster combines driven by reckless drivers, but a rivalry that brought a demolition derby record of more than 4,000 fans to the arena.

"It seemed like the right thing to do, rival against the Idaho Vandals," said Boise State combine driver Mike Jensen.

"This guy behind me is going to celebrate with the Boise State flag," said University of Idaho combine driver Matt Mosman. "God that's an ugly blue isn't it?"

Nezperce celebrates 13 years of demolishing combines but for a good cause. The Lions Club donates all proceeds back to the community.

"There's not a lot of reason to come to Nezperce unless you want to buy a combine or you got to bring your grain to town," said Webster. "It's neat to have all of these people here and put on a show and make some money for charity."

"How did your combine hold up?" asked reporter Whitney Hise.

"It took a little beatin'," said combine driver Bob Michels.

"Is that a donkey or a horse? What is that?" said Mosman.

First place went to Brian Miller, runner-up went to Kerry Miller and third place went to Jeremy Southern.