Combining three local governments is on the November ballot

CLARKSTON, WA - Voters who want to learn more about Asotin County's Proposition One can ask questions at a forum Thursday night.

The LC Valley League of Women Voters invites candidates, local leaders and voters to chime in on Proposition One. If voters pass the proposal in November, three local governments from Asotin, Clarkston and Asotin County combine into one unified governing body. Once the proposal passes, freeholders are elected to work out the details on how the unified government will work.

"What we plan to do is to transcribe all the discussion and present those to the freeholders," said League of Women Voters Member Monica Lawrence. "So they have an idea of what went on during the discussions whether they attended or not."

The first discussion is Thursday in the Clarkston council chambers. The second is September 26th at the Asotin Lions Club. Both sessions start at 7:00 p.m.