Commissioners review proposal concerning Region II Detention Center

LEWISTON, ID - The future of the Region II Detention Center may be in jeopardy as the county looks into alternative ways to save money.

Nez Perce County commissioners reviewed a proposal released Tuesday by the Martin Hall Juvenile Detention Facility in Medical Lake that would save the county money if the current center is closed.

According to Commission Chairman Doug Havens, the county could save anywhere from $200,000 to $300,000 but that doesn't come without a cost as jobs could be lost if the local facility is shut down.

"I just want everybody to keep in mind, there are people affected," said Nez Perce County Director of Court Services Shawn McDowell. "This is a huge impact to them and their families and everything else."

Currently the Region II Detention Center costs the county roughly $500,000 to $600,000. The proposal would guarantee no transportation costs for the contract period with the facility for two to three years. It also promises that the county would pay $165 a day for five beds at the Martin Hall facility, totaling an estimated $301,000 a year.