Commissioners rotate chairman seat in Nez Perce County

LEWISTON, ID - It's a new year and that means a new Nez Perce County chairman will soon be in place.

Reporter Whitney Hise spoke with outgoing and incoming commission chairmen to tells us what they're most looking forward to as they move forward.

The Nez Perce County board of commissioners made an agreement two years ago to pass a resolution that requires the chairmanship of the county to rotate every three years. The rotation allows each District Commissioner to hold the seat as chairman at least once while serving during their four year term.

Reflecting on 2012, District Two Commissioner and current chairman Doug Havens said it's been an interesting year.

"One of the biggest issues we faced was a budgetary matter with the juvenile detention center and the adult jail," said Havens. "I think we addressed those about as well as we could. We had to make some cuts and some tough choices, not everybody was happy, but I think we did the best for the county and what was best for the taxpayer."

Havens has served as a commissioner for the past two years and said his experience on the board has been a positive one.

"I've enjoyed the job quite a bit and if I'm lucky enough to hold the chair again, which won't be for two more years, I would be very thankful for that," said Havens.

On January 14th, current District Three commissioner Doug Zenner will take over as the new county chairman. A position that isn't new to Zenner, as this will be his third time in the seat.

"As a chairman you always look forward to accomplishing things as a board together from a strategic plan," said Zenner. "You want to make sure that you work with your other elected officials in a good courthouse commission chairman responsibility and format and make sure theirs good communication."

Zenner will also be sworn in for his third term as county commissioner, making this his ninth year on the board.

"I'm looking forward to the 14th because it's an opportunity for the county to come together with the four newly elected officials and we move forward," said Zenner.

Looking back, both commissioners agree that although this year's had it's challenges, they've been able to work together and move the county forward.

All other newly elected county officials will also be sworn in on January 14th.