Commissioners vote in resolution for public records requests

ASOTIN, WA - In a move to remain as transparent as possible, the Aotin County Commission now has a resolution in place for public records requests.

In a commission meeting Monday morning Brian Shinn and Jim Fuller enacted a resolution that said they're in compliance with Washington State laws. This doesn't change anything about the way they accept and handle public records requests, but Commissioner Jim Fuller said he wanted a formal resolution people could turn to if they had questions about the rules and regulations. He said often small counties are over-inundated with requests that can take a long time to respond to.

"No one wants to not be transparent," said Fuller. "You want to be transparent but sometimes they forget that there is a cost of doing business and it makes it very hard for small counties."

According to the commissioners, there's been little change at the state level regarding the law over the past few years. The resolution the commissioners voted in, is in accordance with those regulations. In the county, public records requests are made in person at the Courthouse Annex or online. Just send your request to public-disclosure-at-c-o-dotasotin-dot-wa-dot-u-s.