Community leaders in Pullman thankful for families and jobs

PULLMAN, WA - Thanksgiving is upon us, but most of Pullman is already focusing on Friday's Apple Cup.

When we asked some of the community leaders in Pullman what they're thankful for, one thing was clear.

"Well first of all, I'm thankful for family," said Pullman Mayor Glenn Johnson. "My wife of 45 years, and my son and his wife and his kids. That's always great. Family always comes first."

"Number one, I'm thankful for my wife," said Pullman Fire Chief Scott LaVielle. "I mean without her support, the fire department, it's a looser."

Thanksgiving serves as the perfect reminder that family comes first. But it's also a time to be thankful for the jobs that put turkey on the table.

"Well this year I'm thankful that during our budget difficulties, that I didn't have to lay off any employees at the Police Department," said Pullman Police Chief Gary Jenkins. "In fact citywide, we didn't have to lay off any employees. And also I'm thankful that we didn't have any officers any serious injuries this year."

"I'm also very thankful for the job I have as Mayor of Pullman, and also I'm still teaching on campus." said Johnson.

"I'm thankful that I work in a profession that allows us the opportunity to make a difference in people's lives," said LaVielle.

And last but not least...

"Finally, I'm thankful that I live and work in a community that really shows a lot of support to law enforcement," said Jenkins. "It really helps make our community safer and makes our job much more pleasant."

"I'm very grateful to live in this community, and I'm also grateful to live in the United States," said Johnson.

"And I'm thankful that I have some of the best firefighter-paramedics in the world here in Pullman," said LaVielle.