Community members express their concerns at Idaho Legislative Forum

LEWISTON, ID - It was a packed room on Saturday at Lewis-Clark State College where local legislators connected with their constituents.

Republican State Senator Dan Johnson, Republican State Representative Thyra Stevenson and Democratic State Representative John Rusche all answered questions about the current status of the legislature in Boise. Johnson started with the statement that while there are many bills being tossed around and talked about, very little action has taken place in the Idaho Legislature.

"It was announced on the floor that the Governor has signed one bill so far in this session," said Johnson. "So that just kind of gives you a feel for how slow things are moving."

But even with the slow pace, progress with the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee is moving along, according to Stevenson who is a member of the committee.

"It's going to be very busy for the next two weeks as we go now to that two and three-quarters billion dollar number and the agencies have their number submitted," said Stevenson. "We will then appropriate the money over the next two weeks."

The legislators also spoke about certain bills on the floor that are of concern to them.

"Now get this, we have a bill before us that would allow legally blind individuals to drive," said Johnson.

Questions were also answered throughout the meeting and a bill that would repeal personal property tax relief was of particular concern to many audience members.

"I think that it's not right," said Rusche. "I think it's unlikely now and what you have said is what people are telling their legislators."

The meeting drew about 75 people, and local constituents got to voice their opinions and let their lawmakers learn what's important to them.

The legislators encourage you to reach out to them and let them know what you think is important this legislative session.
Head over to legislature-dot-idaho-dot-gov to connect with your local representatives.