Community members take Polar Bear Plunge into Snake River

CLARKSTON, WA - Valley residents started the New Year off with quite the plunge... into the Snake River that is.

"I've been doing this for many more years than it's been happening here," said said Polar Bear Plunge "mama bear" Jett Vallandigham.
"I decided that I like to do it so much that I'm going to ask other people to jump in with me."

"She told me about it and here I am to jump in with everybody," said rookie polar pear plunger Davis Vanscotter.

"If my toes weren't frozen I'd be completely okay," said polar bear plunger Meghan Frye.

"My toes are popsicle frozen," said polar bear plunge bystander Rogan Carmichael.

"If you see one guy hopping out on one leg, or crawling, that's me. But I'll jump in," said Vanscotter.

And a successful jump into the 40 degree water isn't the only thing rookie Polar Bear Plunger Davis Vanscotter did."

"Every year I ask for double-dippers," said Vallandigham.

"I did the double-dip and I turned around to see who followed me in and not a single person did," said Vanscotter.

So what makes a person jump into a river in the middle of winter?

"It's just that instant, gasp, and then it's just exhilarating," said polar bear plunge diver Stacy Wolfinbarger.

"It makes you feel so good," said Mary-Lou Cox. "Everybody needs to do it. At least once, maybe twice."