Community Spirit Fireworks behind the scene preparation at Adams Field

CLARKSTON, WA - Every year nearly 4,000 people fill Adams Field each year to watch the Community Spirit pyrotechnic extravaganza that takes place in Clarkston.

Veronica Miracle introduces us to the folks who make the fourth of July celebration possible.

"Yup I got continuity," said man. "That's a continuity tester."

Pyrotechnician Jeff Casali woke up at 4:30 Thursday morning to start loading explosives for the Community Spirit Independence Day Celebration, just as he has for the last 28 years."

"Take this little wire, it's actually called an electric igniter, and you drop the shell in it," said Casali.

Every year he's responsible for getting hundreds of fireworks in the air for people to see from all over the Valley.

"It makes the connection between the two wires," said Casali.

At times it can be very dangerous.

"And we hook it in there," said Casali. "It's going to pop each one separately."

John Sullivan of American Insurance, the main sponsors of the spectacular show, said it's not an easy task getting the show perfectly timed.

"Thank goodness we've got it down to a science now," said Sullivan.

Sullivan said there's no entry fee to watch the show from Adams Field but the donations they get fund the show so they can keep the tradition going year after year.

"We call it the Fourth of July but it's independence Day and we want to celebrate being free and the sacrifices that keep us free," said Sullivan.

The gates open at six, live music starts at seven, and the fireworks display starts at 10 p.m. If you're viewing the show from a higher vantage point, radio stations through Idavend Broadcasting are playing patriotic music in sync with the show Thursday night.