Community volunteers give generously towards 'Blitz Build' project

CLARKSTON, WA - It's coming to the end of the second week for the Habitat for Humanity's 'Blitz Build' Project.

Last time we gave you an update, the electrical wiring was getting installed. Now, walls are up and the entire outside of the house has been painted. On site Supervisor Duane Jones said they couldn't have gotten this far without all the generosity from the community.

"We have had the best volunteers that you could find," said Jones. "People from all over the Valley have come in and helped us. Everyday we have people coming on the site. Also, we've been injury free, except today when someone got a blister and we put a band-aide on it."

They're finishing drywall installation Friday. On Monday, they'll start painting the inside walls. Duane hopes they'll be on schedule for the big reveal on Saturday, May 10th.