Community Wide Blood Drive needs your donation now more than ever

LEWISTON, ID - The need for blood doesn't take a vacation, which is why the Inland Northwest Blood Center wants your help with the increased demand for blood over the summer months.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio learns why it's important now more than ever to donate blood.

Despite the dire need for blood, turnout has been slow for the largest blood drive of the year...The annual Community Wide Blood Drive.

"It's once a year and we look forward to this all year long and our staff and our donors all have a really good time with this," said INBC Mobile Driver Scott Dillion.

This time of year the need is especially high.

"During the summer month's there's recreational accidents that increase the need for units," said Dillion.

"A lot more people on the roads, a lot of road trips, a lot more in the ways of boating," said INBC Recruiter Erin Meenach.

According to the United States Coast Guard in Idaho alone there were 57 boating accidents in 2011. And if one unit of blood has the possibility to save up to three people's lives, then you have to ask yourself, is 45 minutes worth it?

"You just need to have your photo ID to show up to donate, you don't need to know your blood type," said Meenach.

In an effort to attract donors, there's a once in a lifetime drawing that you can sign up for if you donate blood.

"Our grand prize is a Bon Jovi concert ticket package," said Dillion.

The Inland Northwest Blood Center is the sole provider to all the area hospitals and medical facilities.

"The demographic can run from an infant to someone going in for heart surgery, to trauma accident victims," said Meenach.

The Community Wide Blood Drive will run through Friday at 6p.m.