Conditional use permit required for pot entrepreneurs' in Asotin County

ASOTIN, WA - Asotin County leaders are waiting to see who will apply to grow, manufacture and sell marijuana in the county.

Two out of three commissioners voted to approve the county's planning and zoning code, which shows where growing, manufacturing and selling can be done in the county, but they agreed to do it as conservatively as possible.

Commissioners Brian Shinn and Jim Jeffords expressed their disapproval of the initiative at Monday's meeting. Shinn said they'll control it as much as they can for the good of the county. They'll do that by having anyone interested in growing, processing or selling apply for a conditional use permit. Doing this means you're asking the county for their permission and they'll make a decision based on rules and regulations set up by the Liquor Control Board.

"I think this answers questions and retains control for the legislative authority to make sure they're complying," said Asotin County Commissioner, Brian Shinn.

"I've sat here and tried to way the pros and cons, but I can't come up with pros, I can only see cons," said Asotin County Commissioner Vice Chairman, Jim Jeffords.

Jeffords said he believes the social costs of this plan will far exceed what the county will get out of it. If you have any questions about this issue, or you'd like to apply for a permit, contact the Asotin County Commissioners.