Conservation could prevent water restrictions

LEWISTON, ID - There's been talks of water restrictions for patrons of the Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District, and that all may become a reality in the very near future.

District Manager Barney Metz said the region is about 1.75 inches below normal in the rain gauge, enough to make the water supply tight. However, Metz said there's enough water in savings at this point, where the district won't have to impose restrictions, if everyone cuts back on their water usage.

"We haven't been on restrictions in four years and that was due to an abundance of rainfall, so we had plenty of rain to go around," said Metz. "And we're in a long, hot dry spell here and we haven't had any moisture, so it's going to take that willful discipline to keep us off the restrictions."

Metz said keeping a timer on your lawn watering, and working actively to be resourceful helps the water supply stay at capacity.