Construction boom in Clarkston brings economic growth

CLARKSTON, WA - You've probably noticed a lot of construction happening in Clarkston and while this may be frustrating for some drivers, it also shows the economy is picking up.

One project is paving for the parking lot between Basalt Cellars and River Port Brewing Company, which is now covered in gravel. Wanda Keefer is the manager for the Port of Clarkston. She said there's been a lot of activity between the brewery, Basalt Cellars and now the smoke shop. So they wanted to make it easier for people to park and walk around. Keefer said this project should take about two and a half weeks to finish, something the port is excited about.

"We're particularly excited about all the growth here in Clarkston and Asotin County," said Keefer. "People have probably noticed the construction sight for Walgreens at Fifth and Bridge Streets, and there's a mattress store going in next to Walmart. So, there's a lot of construction going on and the Port thinks, we started it.'"

Wanda said the building boom started with the industrial park on Evans Road, which is a $3.5 million facility. While the new paving will be beneficial for customers, Keefer doesn't expect this project to create additional jobs, but she said the industrial park will create roughly 100 or more new jobs.