Construction of Ten Mile Bridge project will resume this month

ASOTIN, WA - Construction of the Ten Mile Bridge replacement project will resume this month.

Several entities including The Nez Perce Tribe, Washington State Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, the Department of Archeology and Historic Preservation and the Asotin County government have been working together to create a memorandum of agreement. The parties came together when construction was halted, because cultural remains were discovered at the construction site.

Public Works Director Jim Bridges said they're holding a pre-construction meeting this week with the contractors.

"If it goes well they will start mobilizing their crews immediately and then with construction it would begin about the 15th," said Bridges.

The memorandum outlines seven stipulations that must be followed for all entities to be in agreement. The state and federal government will pay $10,000 to the Nez Perce Tribe to cover costs associated with the re-interment of the remains found.

Seven acres of land in Asotin County will also be set aside for any current and future cultural remains to be buried.