Construction signage confuses drivers


IdahoState Police are investigating a crash on US HW 12, that sent one person to thehospital. But what ISP said is most concerning, that due toconstruction. speed limits in the area were unclear,and that may have been a contributing factor in why the accident happened.A back up stretched for close toa mile as Idaho State Police worked to clear the accident. “The Honda actuallyrear ended the Dodge at a pretty high rate of speed,” said Sergeant ChrisMiddleton. To make matters worse, theaccident happened in a construction zone. "We've got people that areusually traveling either too fast, or not paying attention to stop and gotraffic,” he said,On highway 12 the speed limit isnormally 65 MPH but right now during construction, there is a suggested speedlimit that is lower for safety purposes. "It's a suggest 45 now, but it'sonly an orange sign so there for it isn't a mandatory speed, it's a suggestedspeed. So you know the power of suggestion works on some, not on all,” saidSergeant Middleton.

But this can cause an influx of drivers, confused on the rate they shouldtravel, and in this case, two cars going two different speeds collided. And ISPis trying to help prevent this scenario from happening to others. “We'reworking on getting the speed limit dropped out here to a mandatory speed ratherthan a suggested speed so that we can actually enforce an actual constructionzone speed limit."

The passenger in theHonda was transported to the hospital, and the driver had minor injuries. Therewere two children in the car at the time of the accident. Sergeant Middletonsays thanks to proper child restraints, they were not hurt.

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