Contributions needed for permanent lights on Pine Street Bridge

PULLMAN, WA - Christmas Lights are still brightening up downtown Pullman, and a group of residents are raising money to install another set of lights that will shine year round.

The Pullman Civic Trust wants to light the arches of the Pine Street Bridge with commercial grade, weather-resistant LED lights. The pedestrian bridge is about six years old and it has become a landmark in Pullman.

"This bridge is really symbolic about creating a better connection between the town and the gown, and to bring us together as one community, so that we work together," said Pullman Civic Trust Board Member Bobbie Ryder.

The bridge was outlined in small white lights in the past, but they couldn't withstand winter weather conditions. The Pullman Civic Trust says the larger lights will make the bridge architecturally appealing without using a lot of energy. They need about $3,000 to complete the project, and if they're successful, they hope to install the lights in February.