Convicted rapist moves from St. Anthony's to Adult Correction Detention Center

bLEWISTON, ID - A 17-year-old Lewiston boy, sentenced as an adult for the 2012 rape of a Lewiston woman, may receive a new sentence.

Joshua Grossman was sentenced to five-to-20 years back in February. That term was suspended as he undergoes rehabilitation at the St. Anthony-Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections.

However, because Grossman's 19th birthday is around the corner, the Department of Correction issued a plan of re-integration. That's instead of serving time in the Nez Perce County Jail. The prosecution expressed concerns the victim has, regarding the lack of supervision within the independent living house.

"We would prefer a little more structured and a little more supervision over Mr. Grossman's coming and going then what appears to be available at this point of time," said Nez Perce County Sr. Deputy Prosecutor Sandra Dickerson.

"We would like the court to continue to suspend the balance of that one year county jail time because we think that, that would not be the best way to rehabilitating him," said Defense Attorney Greg Hurn.

It was decided that Grossman will be transferred to the supervision of adult correction when he turns 19, and it will be up to them to determine if Grossman can move to Boise and live in an apartment while undergoing sex offender treatment. The final hearing in this matter is scheduled for September 26th.