Convocations held for both universities on the Palouse

MOSCOW, ID - The students are back and ready to pump up the Palouse population.

The Cougs and Vandals have returned for the start of a new school year. Among all the excitement was some mixed emotions.

"I'm pretty excited," said U of I First Year Grad Student Shannon Mackinzie. "I was always that kid who loved getting new notebooks and pens."

"I'm actually really looking forward to it," said WSU Freshman Parker Doyle.

"I'm excited, but nervous and stressed at the same time," said WSU Freshman Ashley Borden.

"Kind of stressful, I'm new here," said U of I Freshman Shae Blair. "I live in southern Idaho so this is completely different territory for me."

"I'm nervous," said WSU Freshman Sydne Wedde. "Kind of stressed."

Both universities held their convocations Monday morning to welcome the new freshman class to campus. For the University of Idaho, it was their first convocation in recent history. The keynote speaker was George P. Bush, grandson of President George H.W. Bush and nephew of George W. Bush.

"We are brought together here to celebrate, in my mind, the most exciting time in your life," said Bush.

Over at WSU, WSU President Elson Floyd announced that this year's freshman class is the second largest and most diverse.

"We will do everything we can to make sure that your experience is simply amazing," said Floyd. "Simply amazing."

Both convocations concluded with music and a free meal for the newcomers on campus. It was a time to celebrate and relax. After all, come Monday it'll be time to hit the books.