Cooler weather trend helps firefighters control blaze at Mica Slash Fire

DEARY, ID - The Idaho State Department of Lands said that crews are making good progress on the Mica Slash Fire that started on Tuesday morning eight miles northwest of Deary.

They have made the lines around the fire more secure and the mild weather has kept it from growing.

"With the current weather, cooler temperatures, things held pretty good overnight," said Ponderosa Fire District Jason Svancara. "The wind is a little higher this afternoon, we'll wait and see what that brings. But so far, the crews are making really good progress and we're keeping a handle on it."

Roughly 140 people are working on the fire, including crews from Saskatchewan and Arizona. The fire is burning timber and red slash, which is the branches and tree tops that are left behind after a harvest.

The blaze started when lightning struck some of the red slash during a thunderstorm. It has burned 124 acres of industrial land owned by Potlatch Forest Holdings. There have been no injuries or structural damage.