Councilmember feels insulted by Asotin County Fire District Number One

CLARKSTON, WA - A Clarkston City Council member isn't pleased with a response from the Asotin County Fire District Number One regarding mutual aid.

Clarkston City Councilor Terry Beadles issued a personal comment in Monday night's Clarkston City Council Meeting. The city sent a letter to the Asotin County Fire District to work on a mutual aid understanding for emergency management services. Beadles said Asotin County's reply was upsetting to him.

"We received a reply and quite frankly I am insulted," said Beadles. "I am very offended by the letter we got. We simply want to do a good job for everyone and to exclude one entity is borderline bigotry."

Fire Chief Noel Hardin talked to KLEW News about the letter they sent. He said Clarkston requested a mutual aid agreement and Asotin County replied with a letter as to how they could make that happen. They want to help Clarkston, provided they can maintain emergency service levels for their district residents and protect the interests of their taxpayers. The City of Lewiston recently proposed providing E-M-S service for the City of Clarkston. All of these possibilities are currently being discussed.