County holds off hiring collection agency for unpaid stormwater fees

CLARKSTON, WA - The Asotin County Commission decided to hold off on approving the Stormwater Management Team from taking delinquent residents to collections Monday morning.

The decision came after constituents in the audience voiced their disapproval of the Stormwater Management Team. Some residents said they aren't paying the fee to make a point to the county that the program in place isn't necessary in this area. Asotin County Stormwater Manager Cheryl Sonnen said about 12% of Asotin County residents aren't paying the fees and they need a way to collect it.

"The 469 are accounts that have not paid anything for nine months or more," said Sonnen. "So three quarters or three billing cycles basically."

The commission moved to hold off on making a decision about hiring a collections company until next week, so they can receive more public comment and have more time to make a decision.