Court document filed requesting judge to deny closure of two URA districts

LEWISTON, ID - The hearing between the city and county over how Urban Renewal money should be directed is less than a month away.

However both sides are one step closer to that court battle following the filing of the city's brief.

The City of Lewiston and Urban Renewal filed a 33-page brief urging the court to deny the county's request to close two Urban Renewal districts. The document states the county has not shown the necessary elements to file the order, and quote- They've failed to demonstrate a clear legal right to the termination.- end quote.
The commission is now looking over the document.

"The county received a copy of that brief yesterday, we're currently in the process of reviewing it," said Nez Perce County Commissioner, Doug Havens. "Prior to the court date, which is set for December 10th."

The judge will answer the question of whose interpretation of the URA statute is correct, the county's or the city's. The URA can't take on any new costs until this issue