Covey Bike & Board Shop burglarized

LEWISTON, ID - Thousands of dollars in damage has left a small business owner stunned.

At about five Thursday morning, a delivery driver reported seeing a shattered window at a business in downtown Lewiston. Police were called out and said Covey's Bike and Board shop had indeed been burglarized. Five Custom BMX bikes, and a customer bike in for repair, were all taken. The bikes ranged in value from $350 to $3,000.

Authorities have recovered one bike, but will continue to look at surveillance footage from around the scene of the crime to track down the others.

"It's the slow time of the year and five bikes missing that's a lot of money I could put in the cash register, you know keep me fed and keep this place going," said owner Justin Covey.

"We call them smash and grabs where somebody just smashes a window and enters and takes what they want," said LPD Captain Roger Lanier. "Usually there a pretty fast operation and almost always the people see the merchandise or have been into the store before."

The bike shop hasn't even been in business for a year yet. If you have any information about this crime, please call the Lewiston police department.