Cowboy Fast Draw Assoc. hosts Quick Gun Draw Competition

LEWISTON, ID - It's not everyday you get to see a western shootout right before your eyes, even if it's just at a target.

We've all seen the classic Western shootouts...tension in the air and a full blown gun fight.

But for some cowboys, a quick draw fight isn't just for the movies.

"We get to dress up in the 1870's to 1890's type thing, we're shooting single action 45's, we've got wax bullets," said Calhoun.

Larry Lansdowne or more commonly known as Curly Calhoun is a regulator for the Cowboy Fast Draw Association. And when he's calling the shots, it's all business.

"When the light goes off you draw the gun, cock the gun, shoot," said Calhoun. "If you hit the target the sensor will go off and it will give you a time down to one-thousandth of a second."

Calhoun said the sport is so addicting and it's the fastest growing shooting sport in the country.

"The motto of cowboy fast draw is safety first, fun second, competition third," said Calhoun.

And while it's not easy, it can be done! The pros of the Cowboy Fast Draw Association strapped me up, taught me the perfect form, and BAM even I got a shot on the 24 inch target.

"I did my shoot this morning, and I'm in love," said Worthington.

Sandi Worthington of Kendrick loves it so much in fact, that she's starting her own club in Lewiston.

"We will be figuring out a date you know of times that we can get together and practice and even put on shoots where we can invite other clubs to come in," said Worthington.

So get your pistols and wax bullets, because the fast draw competitors are in town.

If you'd like to get involved in the Lewiston Division of the Cowboy Fast Draw Association call Sandi Worthington at 208-289-4892. Worthington said the group is also looking for sponsors so they can purchase their own targets and pistols for club members.