Creosote buildup in chimney causes Lewiston Orchards fire

LEWISTON, ID - A chimney fire caused damage to a Lewiston home and led to a street closure early Thursday morning.

Three engines and paramedics were dispatched shortly after 7 a.m. to a fire in the 3400 of Seventh Street. Crews were able to knock the blaze down quickly and prevent it from spreading throughout the house.

Captain Soren Lowe said it's not uncommon for creosote to buildup in chimneys and cause house fires this time of year.

"People don't get their chimneys clean and so that creosote builds up and then over time it heats up and will ignite inside the chimney itself and that actually what the chimney fire is," said Captain Lowe. "And if it burns long enough it will burn through the mortar of the brick that hold the brick together and then extend on up."

The person living in the home was woken up by broken glass because there weren't any working smoke detectors in the house. No injuries were reported and the street was closed for about an hour.