Daniel Lazcano murder trial concludes with a mistrial

COLFAX, WA - The jury ruled Lazcano guilty of improperly disposing of human remains, but they couldn't reach a verdict on the murder or kidnapping charges.

This means that the case will go through a retrial on March 8th.

"I think it's clear, the fact that they couldn't come to a decision after hearing everything that there is doubt in this case," said Defense Attorney Eric Christianson. "Enough reasonable doubt that this case should never be retried."

"We have a jury system for a good reason and I respect the jury's view," said Whitman County Prosecutor Denis Tracy. "I also look forward to talking to the next jury."

Lazcano was taken back into custody and will remain in the Whitman County Jail until the retrial. Daniel's brother, Frank, will be on trial next week for the same charges. The state is accusing the Lazcano brothers of kidnapping, murdering, and improperly disposing the body of 23-year-old Marcus Schur in December of 2011.