Daniel Lazcano sentenced 27-years for 2011 murder

COLFAX, WA - Convicted murderer Daniel Lazcano now knows his fate.

He was sentenced Friday afternoon to 27-years in prison for the 2011 murder of Marcus Schur. Lazcano appeared in the Whitman County Courthouse Friday after a Spokane County jury found him guilty of first degree murder last December.

Before Spokane County Judge Maryann Moreno decided to give Lazcano two years more than the minimum sentence allowed for murder in the first degree with the involvement of a firearm, Lazcano had a chance to apologize to the victim's family.

"I'm sorry that this tragedy had to occur and how long it's been dragged out for everyone," said defendant Daniel Lazcano. "And as David Schur said, I hope that healing can happen and I'm just sorry all this happened."

"The reaction is, what a tragedy," said Defense Attorney, Eric Christianson. "Beautiful young man, beautiful life. Pride of everybody, and here we are."

Christianson said there's a chance the appellate court will reduce the sentence. Before his trial in Spokane, Lazcano went through two jury trials in Whitman County that resulted in hung juries.

Daniel Lazcano and his brother Frank Lazcano were charged with killing 23-year-old Marcus Schur in Malden in December 2011. Frank Lazcano was also found guilty of first degree murder and was sentenced to 25 years in prison, that's two less years than Daniel Lazcano, who according to witness testimony is the one that actually shot Schur.