DECA students used survey for Asotin Family Aquatic Center marketing plan

CLARKSTON, WA - Two local teens said they have the answers to how the Asotin County Family Aquatic Center could be more successful. Reann and Roslyn VanSickle surveyed and gathered data in Clarkston for months, researching what marketing tools the Asotin County Family Aquatic Center needs in order to be successful.""We wanted to see why people went to the aquatic center, to see if there were things we could market towards," said Reann. And here's what they found. Of the approximately 1000 people they surveyed, more than 50% said they're not interested in recreating at the aquatic center because of their ages and health, even if promotional benefits were given to them.So the group put their focus on the 400 surveys that were interested in using the aquatic center if changes were made. When asked what the main reason for not using the aquatic center was, 50% said it was because of pricing and 40% said it was due to the hours of operation.The group found several ways to encourage families to attend the water park, like ramping up promotional giveaways through programs like "Dive into Reading.""This is where second graders, who completed a reading month would receive a free pass to the aquatic center," said Roslyn. "This would make them feel as if they earned it so they would be more likely to go and bring their parents with them."The VanSickle's also learned that many people did not know about the discounts offered through the aquatic center. By attending more events like 'Alive After Five' and other local festivals, the DECA students believe that the aquatic center could gain higher attendance to the indoor and outdoor facilities. "At these events they would pass out punch-cards and just inform the general public about the aquatic center," said Roslyn.The ladies competed in a regional tournament and are heading to the state competition with their findings.Reann and Roslyn VanSickle said the problems of the Aquatic Center stem from poor public perception due to political controversy, surrounding the lack of funding due to the City of Clarkston's move to cut their support, the lack of membership and poor ticket sales.