Decrease in re-reimbursement programs causes St. Josephs layoffs

LEWISTON, ID - St. Joseph Regional Medical Center staff recently received the grim news that 47 positions are being eliminated from the next fiscal year budget.

President/CEO Tim Sayler said it's due to the decrease in re-reimbursement programs like medicaid that help cover costs of uninsured Idahoans. The sequester in April also cut about $840,000 worth of revenue a year for the hospital.

"In preparation for the fiscal year 2014, which starts on July 1st for us," said Sayler. "And better to do it from a position of strength then when we move further down the road and have to do it out of necessity."

Sayler said many of the eliminated positions were vacant or those who're retiring. However 24 jobs on the chopping block are full time and part time positions, consisting of mainly support staff.