Deers poached at Clarkston cemetery

CLARKSTON, WA - Piles of deer remains were found early Tuesday morning at Vineland Cemetery in Clarkston, where 13 people-friendly deer are known to graze.

Head groundskeeper Shane Sheets said he came upon trespassers Monday morning who were allegedly poaching and hunting deer on the cemetery property. He said blood, piles of deer remains and deer bait were found all over the cemetery hill, which is private property.

"It's a laziness on the hunters' part," said Sheets. "He doesn't want to drive up into the mountains. They're right out basically in someone's backyard and they're easy to kill."

Sheets said the alleged hunters were questioned and their cars were searched but no evidence linking them to the poached deer were found. He said they've had several incidents throughout the years where people bait and hunt the friendly deer, but the suspected poachers are very rarely held responsible due to a lack of evidence.

It's possible security cameras will be installed at the cemetery, however cameras they've put up in the past have been stolen.