Defendant Daniel Lazcano testifies at murder trial

COLFAX, WA - The Daniel Lazcano murder trial continued for it's fifth day inside the Whitman County Courthouse.

Daniel and his brother, Frank are accused of murdering 23-year-old Marcus Schur, back in December 2011. Friday, Daniel himself testified for the first time in the trial. It was an emotional day for 21-year-old Daniel Lazcano.

"I just rolled rocks over to my brother," said Defendant Daniel Lazcano

"And then your brother put the rocks on top of Marcus," said Whitman County Prosecutor Denis Tracy.

"Yes he did," said Lazcano.

Lazcano's attorney Eric Christianson told the jury that Daniel is a country boy who was around guns his whole life, but he's also an outstanding student.

"He was Salutatorian of his class, great kid, not an athlete," said defending Attorney Christianson. "Bookworm."

Daniel made it clear that he spent his whole life looking up to his brother Frank.

"I didn't even think," said Lazcano. "He just got in the car and he said we have to leave and I just followed him. All of my life, I just followed my brother."

Lazcano explained that he and his brother believed the victim, Marcus Schur, stole weapons from them. Daniel said that he and his brother were ready to fight Schur about it, but he never thought his brother would actually shoot and kill Marcus.

"When we were kids, I put peanut butter in his shoes and he got angry at me and told me that he was going to kill me," said Lazcano. "So he says that a lot, so I didn't, I didn't take it seriously."

Daniel claims that he refused to go confront Schur on the night of the murder.

"And my brother kept harping on me and so my Uncle Jim stood up for me and said, 'I'll go," said Lazcano.

Daniel said Friday that he stayed behind while Frank and his Uncle went to find Schur, and that when they came back, Schur's body was in the trunk.

"I was in shock and I was crying at the time," said Lazcano. "My brother was telling me to man up and that I need to focus and I needed to help him."

Daniel admits that he helped his brother dispose of Schur's body by dragging it along the John Wayne Trail to a body of water called "Hole in the Ground."

"We started hiking further and my body was really cold and I started crying and said, 'I can't do this anymore, I can't do this anymore,' said Lazcano. "My brother said, 'That's fine, go get me some rocks.'"

Daniel also said that the shock of the murder makes it hard to remember.

"I don't remember if I peed my pants that night, I very well could have, I don't remember.," said Lazcano. "My memory is not very well for that night."

Daniel Lazcano's trial will continue on Tuesday. The defense is bringing in a doctor to testify on their behalf. Frank Lazcano's trial will begin on February 25.